“The author…has done a tremendous service in bringing out the Truth of God’s Word on this extremely sensitive and controversial subject.”

Noah W. Hutchings, PresidentSouthwest Radio Ministries

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Is it a Miracle, or is it Magic?

False Prophets, Messiahs and Apostles

According to Bible prophecy, false Messiahs, false prophets and false apostles arise as this age draws to a close. These political and religious leaders seduce the unwary with good words and polished speeches, and later work great miracles, signs and wonders to deceive multitudes worldwide. Spiritual deception will dramatically increase, eventually so convincing it will be difficult to resist.

Miracles of Spiritual and Faith Healers?

Even today, faith healers and spiritual healers draw multitudes with promises of miracle healings and deliverance, and millions follow without understanding the dangers. We hear more and more about signs of God and spiritual gifts, but how can we discern among real miracles of God, miracles, signs and wonders of the occult, and fake miracles via deceptions of men?

Understand Miracles Fully

This engaging book provides a sound Biblical, historical, scientific and prophetic analysis of miracles for a uniquely comprehensive understanding of this controversial topic. A detailed Appendix shows examples of real miracles of God, plus revealing views on speaking in tongues and miracle healings from key Christian leaders and denominations throughout church history. The book also offers practical advice, and is an essential guide to escape religious cults and spiritual abuse.

Spiritual Discernment of Impostors

Most of us know people who have followed beliefs that sound glorious on the surface, but where the surprise outcome for followers is disillusionment, despair or destruction. Much more spiritual discernment is needed to see God clearly and recognize increasingly clever impostors that masquerade in His name.

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What people are saying

“In a society where many claim truth is relative and our focus is regrettably on the trendy, superficial, and politically correct, the author of ‘Miracles or Magic?’ has boldly taken on a very controversial subject and shed light on an issue where many face delusion and end up getting lost in a maze of false information. Whether you’re a believer who desires to be more informed on this subject or someone who is fascinated by the supernatural, this book is a vital addition to your book collection. ”

“As a pastor, I use this book as a reference.”

“Appendix E, ‘Untangling the Web of Secular History’, was incredible! This material is extremely useful and provides a great overall picture of how the darkness blots out the Light! It provides a great historical perspective on man-made religion especially for those who are not that familiar with the various religious organizations and cults. By exposing the truth you will threaten the power base of Satan and his followers.”

“Even though I am a Hindu by religion, I enjoyed reading the book a lot. Excellent book — definitely a must read for all people.”

“Rory Roybal’s book has come at a time when the world really needs to read it. Powerful leaders are spouting religious miracles and gifts given by the Holy Spirit, but are they real, or counterfeit designed to control the minds of the people? Mr. Roybal’s book is a concise, well written book that helps both Christians and non-Christians alike avoid the cult-like traps set in the name of the Lord.”

“Whatever God does, Satan will try to counterfeit. The last couple of chapters alone may be worth the price of the book.”

“My wife became a Christian, and this book was a large part of that.”

Would you like to learn more about miracles?
Do you want the truth about conflicting teaching on spiritual gifts?
Does someone need your help to escape a religious cult or spiritual abuse?
Do you know someone who needs a new perspective on life

Let ‘Miracles or Magic?’ guide you through the fascinating territory of this exclusive subject.

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