Creation or Evolution? Science and Miracles of Jesus Christ

By Rory Roybal


Creation or Evolution? Science and Miracles of Jesus Christ

The Creator of Miracles

Modern science clearly shows the creation of our universe and the unique identity of Jesus Christ.

The foundational scientific laws of thermodynamics indicate that there is a fixed, unchanging amount of mass and energy in our universe, and that all energy in our universe is decaying. There are no known naturalistic exceptions to the laws of thermodynamics, even at cosmic or quantum levels, whether systems are ‘open’ or ‘closed’.

If there is a Creator of the universe and its scientific laws, He would have authority over those laws, and could miraculously intervene and bypass them when He chooses. Real miracles could never occur without a Creator, since natural science would govern everything.

Genuine miracles would overrule current scientific laws, such as creation of new things out of nothing (overruling the first law of thermodynamics), and reversing the universal law of decay and death (overruling the second law of thermodynamics).

Our Universe is a Miracle

The very existence of our universe requires a miracle. Foundational scientific laws of this universe, such as the most basic law of cause and effect, and the first and second laws of thermodynamics, do not allow for our universe to have created itself, since the amount of mass/energy in our universe is absolutely fixed according to the first law. The universe can’t be infinitely old either, because otherwise it would already be decayed and dead according to the second law.

If one projects backwards in time, then, our universe began in extremely complex order, cannot have come from itself, and according to cause and effect, must have originated from a cause equal to or greater than the effect. Imagining our universe came from other universes or dimensions or extraterrestrials does not provide a reasonable naturalistic answer, but only moves the same unanswerable question to other locations.

Nothing Comes From Nothing

Most leading evolutionists, naturalists and atheists do not deny our universe has the appearance of precise design and purpose, but lightly ignore these foundational scientific laws, choosing instead to believe unimaginable design, including life, came about by natural means and not an intelligent Creator. There is no way of knowing how our universe began according to true science which requires the scientific method of observation, testability, and repeatability, but scientific laws could not more strongly point to a conscious, intelligent designer.

Despite modern day dominance of naturalism in academia, the vast majority of people intuitively grasp that life must have come from an intelligent designer and not random chance via evolution, and continue to believe in a Creator. For an intricately ordered universe to suddenly appear out of nothing, believing in an intelligent Creator is much more reasonable and intuitive, requiring much less faith than naturalism, and there are no other choices.

Only Minds Create Machines

Special creation by God is obvious, since experience throughout history reveals advanced complexity always comes from an intelligent designer. When one considers this larger perspective, the idea of macroevolution is convoluted and counterintuitive, so how could anyone even conceive such a bizarre concept?

Complexity in our most advanced technology and machines exists only because it is designed by living intelligence, so how can people believe otherwise with infinitely more complex machinery such as simultaneous existence, reading and writing of the vast DNA language, in addition to micro-machinery to build and sustain life so sophisticated that our finest computer technology appears massively archaic by comparison?

Although falsely promoted as science, evolutionary naturalism is an irrational attempt to deny existence of a Creator that is incompatible with true science, including the laws of thermodynamics, paleontology, and genetics.

Life Only Comes From Life

Science consistently proves our entire universe is ruled by decay and death, not evolution of new life. There is no mechanism for biological evolution to occur, and there has never been even a working proposal for abiogenesis (life from non-life). Charles Darwin, who popularized the evolutionary concept, knew nothing about genetics, having died before the discipline existed. However, even Darwin recognized how serious the abiogenesis problem was for his theory, and conceded in The Origin of Species that all existing terrestrial life must have descended from some primitive life form that was called into life “by the Creator!”

If life cannot arise from non-life, then life must have always existed from eternity, the general theory of evolution is not possible, and life in this universe must have been designed and created. Genetic information theory has now proved evolutionary ‘theory’ to be simply a man-made and irrational philosophic belief. Random changes to information destroy the function and outcome of that information, just as random changes destroy the manufacture and function of machines.

The War of Worldviews

The creation or evolution debate is primarily about whether a Creator exists or not. There is a supernatural, conscious, living being who created natural objects and processes, or it all happened by purely natural means with no conscious or living intelligence present or required.

The creation model claims there is a living Creator (God) who set in place and has power over the natural scientific laws prevalent in today’s world. He can override them if and when He thinks best as recorded in the Old and New Testaments. These miracles utilize power and processes that belong uniquely and personally to God, and don’t generally exist today. In short, the creation model postulates a being exists that is not subject to natural laws as we are, hence special creation of the universe and miracles are possible.

The evolution model claims everything came about by natural objects and processes we observe today, and that no conscious, living intelligence exists or ever has existed (i.e. no Creator). Therefore, in this model, ‘miracles’ that violate current natural laws are not possible. However, this model requires that the universe naturally comes from nothing (a ‘miracle’, since this violates the first law of thermodynamics), and that matter naturally organizes itself into more and more complex forms, including life from non-life and lower to higher life forms(a ‘miracle’, since this violates the second law of thermodynamics).

Evolution is Self-refuting

Even though the evolutionary model also requires ‘miracles’, there is no mechanism for the most basic laws of physics to run in reverse (which they must), since this model advocates natural laws are all there is or ever was. Evolution claims natural scientific laws always rule, but requires processes at the very origin of the universe as well as over billions of years that are the exact opposite of the laws of physics.

The creation model requires faith in a being outside of natural laws, but the evolution model requires faith in both natural laws and the exact opposite of natural laws occurring simultaneously. Since there is nothing else besides natural laws in the evolutionary model that can account for exceptions to natural processes, the evolutionary naturalist model is a logical contradiction and self-refuting.

The Uniqueness of Christ’s Miracles

Unlike any human religious leader in history, Jesus Christ performed genuine miracles to reveal His divine identity. The authentic miracles of Christ overrule scientific laws such as creating something out of nothing (e.g. feeding five thousand from a few loaves and fishes), reversing the law of decay and death (e.g. healing the sick completely or raising the dead), and defying the law of gravity (e.g. walking on water or ascending into Heaven), uniquely demonstrating power not naturally existing in our present universe, and unmistakably identifying Him as the Creator.

God’s miracles are never flawed or incomplete, but fully accomplish their intended purpose, and always bring glory to Him alone. Jesus Christ often appealed to His miracles as evidence He was the Messiah and unique Son of God, of the same nature as the Father in Heaven. Because the Father and Christ share the same divine nature, and because Christ came veiled in human form as the only Savior to men, Christ said no one comes to the Father but through Him. Therefore, our only hope of salvation is for Christ to graciously give us new life through a personal, loving relationship, and all self-glorifying ‘religions’ of men are a hopeless deception.

Accept No Substitutes

Miracles of God and evolutionary claims may both appear reasonable on the surface, but are fundamentally opposite. Moreover, deceivers abound who do fake miracles where nothing supernatural occurs, or where occult signs and wonders are performed for temporal gain. When people claim ‘natural’ or ‘supernatural’ miracles that bring glory and financial profit to men, you can know they are not of God.

Unlike religious and political leaders throughout history, Christ’s claim to be God and ability to work miracles is based on His identity as the unique Creator and Author of life. The authentic miracles of Christ contradict the pervasive scientific laws of thermodynamics by creating something out of nothing and life from non-life. Christ’s claim as the Savior and Messiah is based foundationally on His identity as the supernatural Creator, which is why He has complete authority over the natural scientific laws He created.

As Christ predicted, deceivers are increasingly popular and convincing. As deception in this world increases through key issues such as creation or evolution, much more spiritual discernment is needed to see God clearly and recognize clever religious, political, and pseudo-scientific impostors that masquerade in His name.

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